Introducing Emily Norton Ashinhurst

Emily headshot.jpg

I'm delighted to introduce Emily Norton Ashinhurst, the Irish Immigration Center's new Executive Director.

Emily is excited to join the team at the Irish Immigration Center. She has dedicated her career to the nonprofit world working for missions she treasures on a personal level. From helping children achieve their potential, to aiding women on the brink of homelessness, to consulting with nonprofits on strategies for organizational growth and success, Emily feels fortunate to have made a difference in profound ways. She has more than 20 years of nonprofit experience in operations, development, marketing, and programming and has managed budgets from small to large. Some of the organizations she has worked for include Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, Home of the Sparrow, and Help Hope Live. Emily’s family spent summers in County Kildare and she is proud to be working with an organization that connects her Irish roots with her passion for helping our community.  

Emily lives in Havertown with her husband, Kyle, her daughter, Maggie, and their dog, Hermione. In her downtime, she loves photography, horses, and cooking for her family.

I think Emily joining the team presents a very exciting opportunity for the center, the programs, and the community as a whole. The center is going from strength to strength and I believe Emily, the team, and all of you in the community will do great things together. 
Please note, the programs and services in the center will not be affected by this change in leadership. It is and will be business as usual. I know that the Irish Government remains firmly committed to supporting the Center and our community as a whole.

I do have one request. I ask that you help Emily, like you helped, supported, and encouraged me. I also ask that you continue to support my colleagues, Nicola Bell and Ciaran Porter who work to provide our community programs and services here too.

One final note, I will be forever grateful for the support that you gave me and the center. I moved here six years ago and I didn’t know one person and now I feel like I’m leaving family behind. I will forever cherish the memories we’ve made together, the good times we’ve had, and most of all I will always cherish your friendship and support. My life is forever changed for the better by having the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know you. Philadelphia will always have a place in my heart. I do hope we can keep in touch. My personal email is;

Please do stop by the center to get to know Emily over a cuppa. 

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean, I’ll miss you until we meet again”
Best Wishes,